“I have been a client and yoga student of Sarah’s for years and I love her style! She brings deep, nurturing, attentive, love to the massage table and uplifts & elevates me on my yoga mat. I love her attention to the energies of the body and I always leave her sessions (massage & yoga) feeling balanced and whole. She has an amazing spirit and I am honored to be working with her. I can’t recommend her enough!” – Alexandra Walker


“Sarah lovingly weaves deep insight, broad training and a beautiful heart into all she does. She gives the most amazing, healing and powerful massages. I always leave feeling renewed and ready to move forward in my journey. And Sarah’s coaching skills allow her to create a sacred, safe and inspiring container for physical and emotional release, time and time again. Sarah brings openness, joy and encouragement to her teaching, bodywork and coaching practices. Thank you Sarah.” ~ Deb Abrahams-Dematte


“I wanted to thank you SO much for my last AMAZING Massage! You consistently give the BEST Massage I’ve ever had. Your hands are MAGIC! I’ve never experienced a masseuse who got to just the right points in my back and in my neck and worked it so deeply yet gently that the pain disappeared. I so appreciate the time you spend in one area at at time and work it until it’s released. Your beautiful choices of Music make the whole process completely Transporting. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Sending lots of Love to you💋 ~Blake Wood


“Sarah is an AMAZING yoga teacher – one of my all-time favorites. Her classes are truly blissful experiences. She is also a dynamite massage practitioner. She brings to both a deep knowledge and understanding of the body, the chakras and energy, and a inherent presence of compassion and consideration for the specific needs of her clients and her students. I’ve left every yoga class feeling solid and happy and rooted in myself, and have seldom felt better than I have after a massage. Just wonderful. 
Can’t recommend Sarah or Sacredly Sustained highly enough! A++ 


“Magical and intuitive with healing hands. Sarah is my #1!!!” – Heather Chadinha


“Sarah’s massage technique is deeply healing, intuitive and heart centered. I left feeling extremely nourished and other worldly. 
A session with Sarah is pure bliss.” – Senja Curran


“I am so grateful that Sarah is in the Monadnock Region again!  Sarah’s approach is grounded in experience and a broad physiological knowledge-base,  while also tapping into the intuitive underpinnings of the universal body. Her yoga training enhances and informs her work. Her massages are powerful, healing, and cathartic.  Sarah expertly balances her physical strength with an inner sensitivity of what my body needs. I always leave her table renewed, rewired, and ready to return to the whirlwind world from a centered and strengthened place. Thanks for all you do!” ~ Marybeth Hallinan