Upcoming Workshops ~ 

Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath ∞ October 26th, 2017 6:30-8pm  email for more details

When Autumn leaves fall, we stand in observance of endings that reveal new beginnings. Signs and wonders abound, colors shock, foliage folds. Yes, Fall is upon us! The trees shed in preparation for the winter ahead. They effortlessly let go and surrender to the winds that move through them.  This is the season of both exaltation and full release – a release that creates space for new life.
Join Sarah Aborn and Alexandra Walker for a beautiful evening of Yoga Nidra & a Sound Bath Journey to get rooted and brilliant in your essence. Yoga Nidra is a practice of WELCOMING, welcoming where you are and learning to meet everything that life has for you. To do this gracefully we must be stable and strong. To feel more fully alive, we must attain groundedness. It is from this anchored and empowered place that we can shine and experience the full bandwith of our soul. So like trees in the forest, rooted and strong, we are able to lift skyward in full expression of our glorious essence.
We will set intentions to let go of that which no longer serves us, and step into our splendor . Surrendering like this beautiful season teaches us to do, we find freedom and liberation, making it possible for our radiance to shine through. $20


An Introduction to the Chakras ∞ 
Through Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Art, we will explore our energetic centers and how they impact the different arenas of our lives. No previous Yoga experience necessary. All levels welcome.

Raising Sexual Energy into the Heart ∞
We have an infinite vault of power available to us through our sexuality. In this yoga workshop, open to men and women, we will learn techniques for harnessing that energy and moving some of it up into our higher centers to affect deeper connection within ourselves and our relationships. Some previous Yoga experience necessary.

Change Your Story ∞
This workshop is an invitation, through Art and Yoga, to revisit the most famous events in our past and re-script them in the light of gratitude and growth. We will witness how these events have shaped us and how we would like their impact to bring meaningful manifestations into our future. Some previous Yoga experience necessary.

Healing the Nervous System ∞
Addressing Reactivity In this workshop we will discuss the sympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as the fight- flight-freeze response. We will learn to approach this hyperarousal through breath, mantra, and movement and discover our own personal tools as well.

The Yoga of Self-Love ∞
Learning to love ourselves is the most important task we have as humans. Through breathing, meditation and mirror work we will learn invaluable tools for nurturing the most paramount relationship of our lives: to ourselves.

Sound Healing & Yoga Nidra ∞
The alchemy of the didjeridoo combined with healing mantra and guided deep relaxation brings one to a golden state of healing bliss. No previous Yoga experience required.

Sound Healing & Mantra for Releasing Resistance ∞
In this workshop we uncover some of the things that stand in our way of experiencing abundance and joy. Chanting is an ancient tool utilizing the power of our own voice within the sacred sound current known as “The Naad”. The primal, vibrational power of the didjeridoo has a deep effect on our emotional healing. These combined approaches will serve to melt resistances that you are ready to release.