A remembrance of wholeness…

My passion lies in helping people reclaim their wild, natural power through self love, acceptance and divine re-connection. 

Sessions weave deep rest and nourishment through  embodied discovery while learning how to regulate your nervous system.  By de-constructing limiting patterns in the bodymind we can align with our true purpose and power. By re-connecting with the elements we can access support and rekindle our primal relationship with Mother Earth, embodying our own feminine divine. 

There is raw talent and blazing soul buried like diamonds in our deepest challenges, and without braving the exploration, one may never uncover their most genuine gifts for this world…

"The path is paved with self acceptance and love"

Working with the physical body, chakras, meridians and nervous system, we till the soil for profound breakthroughs and sustainable integrations. To embody purposeful living we are called to embrace the FULL SPECTRUM of ourselves. As your coach, it is my honor to help you reveal your deepest and highest truths, to yourself and the world, in vitality and authenticity. In Love.

HOLISTIC coaching

Each session begins with determining what is needed for the health and balance of the bodymind. We explore what is triggering the nervous system and creating holding patterns in the body. Learn how to use EFT Tapping as a powerful tool for anchoring into the stability of unconditional self-love and acceptance. Sessions conclude with conscious breathing and guided meditation for integration.

embodiment sessions

Together we uncover deeply held beliefs and how they impact the body. After determining some of what you’d like to invite into your life we begin to de-program and neutralize thought patterns that block forward momentum. 


In these connected and conversational sessions we explore exactly where you are stuck in your bodymind through sacred movement, breath and dialogue. This gentle practice is formulated in consideration of your goals and any physical limitations.  Embody lifelong tools to help your nervous system to regulate, pranayama (breath techniques) to support your unfolding and healing postures. 


Body/Mind/Soul care 1:1 programs include somatic coaching, EFT Tapping, non-dual yoga techniques, meditation, and co-created action steps. As we spiral through the different realms of the soma, unpacking blocks and neutralizing outdated belief systems, the nervous system can begin to heal – revealing possibilities and unbound potential. Towards the end of the program we arrive at a clarification of purpose, culminating with a new embodied way of being. 

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