COACHING:  Each session begins with determining what is needed for the health and balance of the bodymind.  We explore what is triggering the nervous system and creating physical and behavioral holding patterns.  Learn how to use EFT Tapping as a powerful tool for anchoring into the stability of unconditional self-love and acceptance.  Sessions conclude with  conscious breathing and guided meditation for integration.   1 hr. $95

EFT & MEDITATION:  Learn this synergistic art of self-healing your bodymind. These personalized sessions begin with intention setting and are followed with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Meridian Tapping). These are tools that work with the chi-flow to shift outdated psychological patterns at the level of the neural network. Re-frame limiting beliefs and neutralize triggers. Following this, we integrate the work with guided meditation geared towards streamlining your own personal practice. These sessions are available in person or online through Zoom.  $120  1hr. 15 mins.

EMBODIMENT SESSION:  Coaching through the bodymind. Together we uncover deeply held beliefs and how they impact the body.  After determining some of what you’d like to invite into your life we begin to de-program and neutralize thought patterns that block forward momentum.  Integration of this re-wiring is supported through conscious breathing and meditation.  Specifically tailored relaxation massage and/or Yoga  rounds out the session with a hands on energy balancing closer. This acts as a nervous system reset and a harmonic unification of mind, body and emotions.
Includes co-created action steps.  ~
2+ hours ~ $195

ENERGY MEDICINE:  These nourishing sessions affect deep healing at the level of the subconscious beliefs that shape our reality. We begin with a conversation about what is needing to be addressed and then flow between releasing emotional triggers and stored trauma through EFT Tapping, uncovering purposeful forward momentum. Following this process enjoy relaxing integration with targeted massage and energy balancing.
75 minutes  $125

ENERGY MEDICINE & MEDITATION:  This session begins on the table to address energy imbalances and to begin the descent from the head into the body.  The focus of her work is to direct grounding into the body, healing for the heart, and spaciousness within the bodymind.  The last 20 minutes are spent in meditation, with instruction in the beginning and silence throughout. ~ 1 hr. $75

MASSAGE  THERAPY: Sessions employ a deeply meditative, energetic approach and invite a total surrender of stress.  This creates space for rich connection with inner bliss, creating the conditions needed for balance and healing.  Sarah’s certifications include Zen Shiatsu Acupressure, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Polarity Therapy and each session is a blend of these modalities.  ~ $95 hr. / $120 75 min. / $150 90 min.

MEDITATION COACHING:  for singles, couples and small groups.  Learn how to meditate with guidance and support.  Sessions begin with instruction and answering questions.  The first part of the meditation is guided followed by a period of silence to  sink in.  Afterwards we discuss the experience and resolve any concerns around the process.  This is also a time to discuss anything that may have come up for healing, and/or engage in pranayama (conscious breathing techniques).  This session makes a beautiful date to have with yourself, your lover or friends..  Learn to meditate for sustained health and happiness. ~  4 / 45 minute sessions: $215 total.  House calls available – email Sarah to book.

CHAKRA FLOW YOGA ∞ Private classes are available for those looking to deepen and/or develop a personal practice.  Empower your daily living.  Drawing from Kundalini Yoga, Bikram, Vinyasa Flow and Anusara Yoga, sessions are tailored to you and your goals and include a follow-up lesson plan to keep you going strong in your personal practice.  These sessions are formulated specifically to what you wish to address physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  All levels, no experience necessary.  ~ $ 75 includes personalized lesson PDF

RECHARGE:  30 minutes of intuitive energy work on Biomat, fully clothed. Nourishing to the nervous system and balancing to the energy fields. Includes head, hands & feet Massage, aromatherapy and sacred smudging for purification. $45

COACHING 4 pack:  Four sessions designed to clear entrenched blockages in the belief system, opening space for optimal expression and joyful living! ~ $375

CHAKRA COACHING SERIES:  9 Embodiment Sessions, 2+ hours each.
The regal deep dive:  nine 2+ hour Embodiment Sessions including ongoing support.  Individually tailored.  Session by session we wind our way up through the chakras, healing through EFT Tapping, Massage, Yoga, Meditation, and co-created action steps.  Unpack blocks and outdated belief systems standing in the way of your exalted living!  This is an extraordinary and comprehensive approach toward healing of the bodymind.

$1,888 for 9 two+ hour sessions (includes 9 massages). 

$777 for 9 one+ hour sessions (doesn’t include massage/ can be done online




  See Calendar for ongoing events to support your deep healing and empowered evolution!  Sliding Scale available.