Luxuriate on the heated biomat for a re-set of body/mind/soul. Sarah will set you up in a supported savasana, with crystals, aromatherapy, and a gentle head massage, before letting you recharge for the remaining 25 minutes.

Each session begins with determining what is needed for the health and balance of the bodymind.  We explore what is triggering the nervous system and creating holding patterns in the body.  Sessions may include EFT Tapping as a powerful tool for anchoring into the stability of unconditional self-love and acceptance, conscious breathing techniques, guided meditation, co-created action steps and self-regulation strategies to support your nervous system. Single sessions and packages available at booking site.  

Learn this synergistic art of self-healing your bodymind. These personalized sessions begin with intention setting and are followed with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Meridian Tapping). These are tools that work with the chi-flow to shift outdated psychological patterns at the level of the neural networks. Re-frame limiting beliefs and neutralize triggers. Following this, we integrate the work with guided meditation (recorded for you to keep) geared towards streamlining your own personal practice. These sessions are available in person or online through Zoom.  

Relieving stress and anxiety through the bodymind.


Uncover deeply held beliefs and how they may be perpetuating anxiety in the body, sending even more stress to the mind! After dreaming up some of what you’d like to invite more of into your life, we begin to de-program thought patterns that block deeper connection and joyous presence. Integration of this re-wiring is supported through conscious breathing and meditation. Specifically tailored relaxation massage and/or Yoga rounds out the session.


Nervous system reset and harmonic unification of mind, body and emotions.

ENERGY MEDICINE:  These nourishing sessions affect deep healing at the level of the subconscious beliefs that shape our reality. We begin with a conversation about what is needing to be addressed and then flow between releasing emotional triggers and stored trauma through EFT Tapping, uncovering purposeful forward momentum. Following this process enjoy relaxing integration with targeted massage and energy balancing.

This session begins with setting intention.  Following this, hop on the BioMat to receive channeled energy into the body and invite any static in the mind to dissipate. The last 20 minutes are spent in meditation, with instruction in the beginning and silence throughout. Session includes a recording of your personalized, guided meditation.

A deeply nourishing, earthen embrace!  In this 100 minute session you will be held from below by the warm amethyst crystals of the BioMat (covered in soft wool and sheets), and from above by the warm basalt stones that were once volcanic lava. Ultimate grounding. Session includes a 20 minute post-massage nap for integration.

A regenerative blend of Swedish Massage, Polarity Therapy, and Zen Shiatsu Acupressure. Slow and deeply meditative.

Discover what Embodiment Sessions, EFT and Coaching have to do with you and your empowered healing.

In this 6 month journey we uncover deeply rooted habitual behaviors and conditioned tendencies that keep you in holding patterns.  When you cultivate appreciation for the ways in which these patterns once helped you get your core human needs met (and even survive), you are able to approach them with gratitude.  This appreciative acknowledgement sets up an environment in which these patterns can become more malleable and eventually break open to release historical narratives and postures.  From here, you can move into deeper connection with your true self, which in turn leads to a deepening of your relationships and overall sense of belonging.  Throughout this process, we determine where you feel resourced, making this journey one of supportive illumination, helping you to approach shadow work with confidence and resilience.  As you dismantle old patterns, you will be simultaneously developing new practices, revealing harmony of body, mind and soul.  

Your transformation is supported every step of the way through: 

+ bi-monthly sessions (meeting every other week for 75 mins, in person or over zoom)
+ unlimited email check ins.
+ EFT Tapping – a lifelong skill
+ conscious breathing and other self-regulation techniques to support and re-calibrate your nervous system 
+ lifetime access to UPLEVEL Embodied Self Healing (online course)
+ recorded yoga asana sequences developed specifically for you
+ specifically tailored guided meditation recordings to use between our sessions. These are to listen to as you are waking up or going to sleep to powerfully assist the upleveling of your subconscious and the overall neural re-wiring that we are establishing throughout the program.

It has never been a better time to dissolve what holds us back so that we may show up to this world in our full grace and power, aligned with our purpose, our truth, our love. 

This comprehensive program is conducted over Zoom and/or at SHAKTI Healing Arts. In person sessions include energy/bodywork on the BioMat.
Book your complimentary Strategy Session to determine if this program is a good fit for you. Payment plan available upon request.

9 90 minute coaching sessions including ongoing support, videos, worksheets and unlimited email check ins to support and nourish unfolding.  Session by session, we wind our way up through the chakras, transforming limiting belief structures embedded throughout the body, mind and emotions through EFT Tapping, Pranayama, Meditation, personally tailored asana sequences (recorded), co-created action steps, and self-regulation techniques to support the healing of your nervous system. You will receive access to UPLEVEL Embodied Self Healing (online course), a 100 page workbook, and 7 personally tailored guided meditation recordings to listen to between sessions, designed specifically to assist your neural re-wiring and subconscious updating.

Unpack blocks and outdated belief systems standing in the way of your exalted living! 

First Session: Opening to the Divine Mother. Release and Receive.  Declaring Commitment. Self regulation techniques…

the following 8 sessions flow up through the Chakras and will be gently guided by the following framework…

1: Root: Establishing safety and security. Accessing the body. Locating resiliency. Landing. Mantra & Dirga Pranayama
2: Water: Accessing emotions and power. Homecoming. Self Acceptance. Nourishment. EFT & Ujayi Pranayama
3: Solar Plexus: FIRE. Power. Vitality. Confidence. Self Worth. Kapalabhati Pranayama.
4: Heart: LOVE. Aligning with the Divine. Co-regulation. Unconditional Self-Love. Embody Meditation & Kumbhaka Pranayama
5: Throat: Purification. Communication. Truth. Integrity. Self-Expression. Mantra
6: Third Eye: Inner Vision. Evolution. EFT Advanced Techniques. Social regulation and connection.
7: Crown: Unity Consciousness. Access to Bliss. Capacity to merge with the Beloved. Interconnectedness. Wholeness.
Last Session – Sun Star: Integration of embodied commitment.

Set up a complimentary Strategy Session to determine if this program is a good fit for you. Payment plan available upon request. This full spectrum program is conducted over Zoom and/or at SHAKTI Healing Arts in Peterborough, NH.  In person sessions include energy/bodywork on the BioMat.

In these connected and conversational sessions we explore exactly where you are stuck in your bodymind through sacred movement, breath and dialogue. This gentle practice is formulated in consideration of your goals and any physical limitations. Embody lifelong tools to help your nervous system to regulate, pranayama (breath techniques) to support your unfolding and healing postures.