Restoring SELF: Mindbody Healing for Maxed Out Moms is a comprehensive approach to full spectrum self-healing of body, mind and spirit.  When the world around you is demanding too much, tap into a cultivated inner strength for peace and resilience.  Each week you will receive a link to an interactive webinar, videos and worksheets designed to balance and empower you from the ground up.  Your embodied Chakra System reveals the energetic and elemental headquarters for the seven main arenas of your life:

Muladhara (Root): foundation, stability, family, money, physical body, sexuality, earth connection

Svadisthana (Water): sensuality, creativity, healing, regeneration, emotional realm, fluidity, flexibility

Manipura (Fire): personal power, vitality, confidence, drive, will

Anahata (Heart): unconditional love for self and others, compassion, relationships

Vishuddha (Throat): communication, self-expression, listening, spaciousness

Ajna (Third Eye): inner vision, purpose, higher knowing,

Sahasrara (Crown): spirituality, connection to higher self/spirit realm, Oneness


Each of the seven modules correspond with these seven Chakras, beginning with the Root by establishing a connection to Earth and to our bodies, moving through the full spectrum of our aliveness, unpacking shadow and revealing passion and purpose, and ending with the Crown, an opening to Oneness and alignment.

You will be guided through embodied meditations aimed at both restoring wholeness, and empowering your own personal meditation practice.  You will learn the priceless method of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to neutralize triggers and re-wire negative thought patterns/belief systems at the levels of the neural circuitry and meridian system.  You will receive specific journaling prompts to aid your deep healing and inspire your upleveling, each week building on the ones before.

This program comes with weekly live webinars for instruction and Q&A, and an online Facebook group for (optional) engagement in a supportive community as you peel back pain and depletion to reveal your sexy, authentic and empowered self.

Program kicks off at 1pm EST on June 1 with an interactive webinar and materials to embark on our SHAKTI activation through the Chakras. Webinars are recorded and available for replay.