When we show up to this world as the change we want to see we make an ENORMOUS impact!  This is a critical and POTENT time to step fully into our truth and what we have come to this planet to do!

This may be a very tall order when faced with the traumatic imprints of growing up in a toxic, patriarchal, white supremacy.  All genders, races and classes are affected by the division, imbalance and oppression that permeates the very air we share – albeit in immensely different ways and to tremendously varying degrees. 

We’ve inherited generational trauma in addition to all that we have experienced in our own lives.  When it all goes unprocessed it gets packed into our bodymind.  We may be guarded, numb, defensive, appeasing, fearful, avoidant, shameful, checked out, etc. – making it very difficult to move forward, let alone recognize and express our soul’s gifts. Talking it out helps but it is not enough. OUR BODIES HOLD THE KEY TO TRANSFORMATION.

HEALING IS NEEDED.  And though we can’t do it all on our own, we can do some of the most important healing work on ourselves.

RESILIENCE IS NEEDED.  We need to learn how to modulate our highly taxed nervous systems that have been on high alert, numbed out or checked out for years if not decades.  We need to teach our bodies new ways to respond to this fierce and beautiful world.  We need to know when we’re safe, and establish and nurture inner connection and communication.

YOUR GIFTS ARE NEEDED!  You are showing up – even though you might be exhausted, intimidated, in pain…Maybe you feel that you could be more efficient, more on track, more focused.  Let’s be real- there is so. much. work. to do to prevent environmental collapse. There is soooo much societal transformation needed. There is SO MUCH programming we have to un-do in ourselves and for future generations that we MUST establish self care rituals, self love, self acceptance, deep listening and non-violent communication to meet the tasks that we bravely face every day.  We need healthy boundaries and self worth so that we don’t burn out.  We need self awareness and inner trust so we don’t keep betraying ourselves.

Your natural, embodied flow is crucial for this global turning point that is upon us.  UPLEVEL is a dedication to this.  

And a return to the Earth and her elements is imperative. Re-establish your connection with the divine mother through the modules of this deeply nourishing program.

A portion of proceeds from UPLEVEL online goes to support women and girls vulnerable to sex trafficking in India through an organization called Apne Aap.

The aim of this project is to empower women and girls from nomadic and semi-nomadic groups in Delhi, which include certain caste communities that suffer from inter-generational prostitution, to increase their choices and bring them out of prostitution or the risk of being prostituted. Our activities will help to prevent inter-generational prostitution in this community by keeping girls enrolled in school. This project will build self-confidence among girls to express themselves, learn about their rights and gain an education through which they can prevent their sex trafficking.

While COVID-19 has been tough on everyone, it has been particularly disastrous for victims of sex-trafficking & their children, many of whom were already barely making ends meet. They have lost all income in the last few weeks. Their children have returned from school & families of 4 to 11 are locked down in tiny rooms with no windows. More than 85 % report that they have no food, no money, no fresh air and that housing is at risk. Victims of sex-trafficking need food now, more than anything.

The 1MillionMeals project will serve 1.1 million meals & some hygiene packs to 2,500 women and 7,500 children in the red-light areas of Kolkata, Delhi & Bihar for 55 days. We are providing & will continue to provide weekly food ration & hygiene packs of masks, soap, basic medicine & sanitary pads for 10,000 adult women & their children. This is 20,000 meals a day, ie 1100000 meals for the 55 day lockdown. This will ensure basic survival till the government comes up with a plan beyond the lockdown.

This program is a way to support you in your healing, empowerment, and the reclaiming of your embodied, inseperable connection with the divine.
5 Module UPLEVEL Course (33 videos)

97 Discovery Worksheets (pngs and printable pdf versions)

7 Group Coaching Sessions

1 Private Coaching Session

Unlimited Email check-ins to ask questions, share insights

Private Facebook Group with like-minded community, support and mutual evolution

Total Value = $3,420
Register by May 3rd for only $997.

Payment plan available, and scholarships for single parents are available, email sacredlysustained@gmail.com for more info
This is the maiden voyage of this format of UPLEVEL which is why I am offering it as such a discounted rate (and why I’ll be available for unlimited check ins).  The benefits for you are a very low price for a very transformative program, in addition to a very attentive facilitator.  It will be such an honor to take my first group through this and space is limited so if this calls to you grab your spot asap.


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